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Round-link chain, shackles, and sprockets Round-link chain for drag conveyors and materials handling for drag conveyors


Learn About Our Din 22252/2 Round-Link Drag Chain

GR Industrial Chain & Sprocket is the premier Din 22252/2 round link drag chain supplier. We know the variety of uses for round link drag chain and can help you identify the proper chain for your application. Our Din 22252/2 round link drag chain is tested and calibrated for material handling haulage systems and drag conveyors. We work tirelessly to design and offer the chains that will be reliable for you to count on.


We offer a range of round link steel alloy chain sizes, including:


· 14x50mm

· 18x64mm

· 19x64.5mm

· 22x86mm


We also offer a range of larger sizes. Consult with us to determine the ideal size of Din 22252/2 round link drag chain for the project  you are working on.  We generally ship unassembled components, but if you talk with us, we can ship assembled components that are fabricated to your specific requests. You can then assemble the components at your plant at your leisure.  Our round link chains ship with a variety of methods that are designed to bring you the chains as quickly and reliably as possible.  We prioritize the methods that will be most efficient and reliable for shipping the chains to your specific location.

GR Industrial Chain & Sprocket understands  round link chain . We know that without a reliable and trustworthy chain, your system cannot function at its optimum performance level.


Come to GR Industrial Chain & Sprocket, the premier Din 22252/2 round link drag chain supplier, for all your round link chains. 

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